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Because Court Is Still Court! - Don't Make This Dumb And Avoidable Mistake! | Ep 21

podcast Oct 05, 2020

As we know, the assumption is the mother of all mistakes. We might be representing our clients differently, and still, some things in court will never change.  

It happened to me last week when I attended this huge hearing, and an assumption ended up causing a delay in a case that was ready to be closed.

In this episode, I want to warn you about this dumb and avoidable mistake that can cost you lots of time and a waste of resources. 

In this episode:

  • Back in court again after a long time [00:02:00] 
  • A stressful litigation [00:03:00] 
  • Everything running swimmingly until [00:05:00] 
  • How we used to do things before the pandemic [00:06:00] 
  • Scrambling around the documents [00:07:00]

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