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Be the Best Divorce Lawyer

Transform your law practice to multiple six figures without working evenings and weekends.

Show me how to do that!

Attention Lawyers Trapped by Covid!  

Serve your clients virtually starting right this second!

Are you like I used to be with your family law practice? Are you bitter, backlogged, and broke? Has practising family law been way less financially rewarding than you had hoped for? Are you struggling to pay your bills, your fees, and your payroll? Are you behind on your cases and feel you never have enough time to everything done? When you spend time at your office, do you feel guilty for neglecting your family? When you spend time with your family, do you feel guilty because you are not at the office catching up on your work? Being a divorce lawyer can totally suck!

The Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Method

1. Client Attraction

Attract quality paying clients to your law practice without having your marketing efforts take over all of your time and effort. You have enough to do already . . . client files to look after, keeping clients happy, running your law practice, and, of course, you want time for you and your family.


2. Serving Clients Virtually

Discover effective ways you can represent your clients and run your law practice without having the ongoing and significant expense of monthly office rent payments. Also, discover the freedom having a virtual office will provide to you.

3. Happy Clients

Discover the straight forward systems and techniques you can use to not only effectively represent your clients each and every time, but also keep them very happy with the work you do and your results.


4. A Well Run Business

The practice of law is every changing and always challenging. In order to succeed you have to have systems in place, including checklists, precedents, and knowing your numbers. Most lawyers do not know how to run their law practices as a business, and you will learn how.

Your Thriving Life and Law Practice


Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Academy


Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Academy

Being a divorce lawyer can totally suck! But it does not have to! 
In my almost 25 years of being a divorce lawyer, I have worked with business coaches, a transformational expert, a spiritual guide, and a powerful Indigenous Healer. The result is a thriving law practice with a host of happy clients while still having a life. 
I created "The Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Method" for having a profitable law practice, with a host of happy clients, without working evenings and weekends.  
Who woulda thought that being a divorce lawyer could be so fun?
I want the same for you. 
The Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Method:

1. Your BEST Law Practice - Run as a Profitable Business;

2. Your BEST client attraction;

3. Your BEST very happy clients;

4. Your BEST Virtual High Performing and Profitable Law Office; and 

5. All while having your BEST life!

If you are tired of having your law practice suck the life out of you and having it suck the life out of your finances, it is time to make a change.
Yes! I am ready to transform my life and law practice!

What Clients Are Saying


It was a very liberating experience. I'm in a position now where I'm basically debt free. I want more freedom to do the kind of things that I want to do with my kids. 


I just feel like I'm in a place that's better fit. So it's a totally different situation!

- Jamie

It helped definitely on my journey. Big game changer for me - I'm making choices to design the life that I want. 


It's like a different kind of life that I'm having at the moment!

- Rebekah

A lot had shifted for the positive in terms of having so much more time for myself and more client satisfaction. It was a really great balance of allowing myself to still be me. 


 I can't say enough positive things about the trajectory of my life.

- Stephanie


Learn how to be a divorce lawyer and happy at the same time!

Jump on a complimentary call to get started transforming your family law practice to soaring profits, with a host of happy clients, while still having a life. 


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