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Are you sick and tired of having your law practice suck the life out of you?! Learn how to run a successful and PROFITABLE law practice.


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Be the Best Lawyer You Can Be

Being a divorce lawyer can totally suck! I know it. I was knee deep in financial stress, cropping up health problems, huge weight gain, and a very intense separation process with my soon to be ex-husband, Thanks to all the stress and overwhelm, I created a system for having a profitable law practice, with a host of happy clients, without working evenings and weekends. 
I worked with coaches. I worked with a transformational expert. I sought assistance from my spiritual guide. I have stratospherically changed how my family law practice runs. 
Who woulda thought that being a divorce lawyer could be so fun?
I want the same for you. 
If you are tired of having your law practice suck the life out of you and having it suck the life out of your finances, I am here to help you make that happen. 
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What Clients Are Saying


"Thank you, Val for creating the time and space for me to think about my future potential. My experience with Val has reawakened long forgotten dreams, and prompted me to set exciting new goals."


"I am grateful to Val for bringing together the elements I needed to take a brave new step into my future potential."


"I now have the methods and practices to manifest my vision. More than ever before, I’m truly excited for my future."


"Val is a strong facilitator with a deep love for being of service. I feel genuinely supported by her and will continue to use the tools and practices we explored at the Golden Goddess Retreat."


"Val helped me to break out of some of these old patterns that were no longer serving me. She helped me to change the way I look at myself to create a new self image, one where success and abundance are an integral part of who I am and what I deserve."


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