About Val Hemminger:

Maybe you are like I used to be . . . overwhelmed, stressed, with no time, and financial struggles to boot. When I started practising law almost 25 years ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into! 

I got a great business coach, learned about running a profitable business, and I’ve successfully built my law firm, Pathway Legal. I can teach you step-by-step how to do exactly the same thing. But first, I’m sure you’d like to hear my story — I’ll make it brief.

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So here's my story...

I have come from a pretty dark and scary, awful place, to one of being healthy and happy and joyful and grateful. And finally, living in the abundance that I had that had been eluding me for so many years. 

When I started my family law practice almost 25 years ago, I had no idea about the importance of marketing or how to even run a business. 

Although I was a very passionate and effective advocate, I had no idea how to attract quality clients to my firm, OR how to manage my client files successfully, AND I had no clue about systems and procedures. This meant my profits sucked. 

The result was I had few, if any, quality clients... I was working 10+ hour days, I was broke and miserable...I basically was an overworked, very stressed and underpaid lawyer... 

ALSO my family life was in shambles...

I was not able to spend quality time with my family or take real vacations AND my law practice was taking over my life....sound familiar?

LIke I said, I hired stellar business coaches, took marketing training, learned a ton about running a profitable business, and I also learned how to design my life on purpose, where I got to feel joy, excitement, and happiness on a daily basis. 

Gratefully, I now run a successful multiple 6- Figure Law Practice. Being a great family law lawyer is about a lot more than knowing the law and being a great advocate. It is about making your entire practice run smoothly, with a host of happy clients, and where families are served well each and every time they engage with your services. 

That is why I decided to show other lawyers what I have learned, so you don’t have to spend all the years I did struggling. You can transform your life and law practice starting right this second.

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