Attention: Overwhelmed Professionals Who Want to Get Their Shit Together

Get your life back on track with a clear plan and program for success so you will have the money you want, the relationships you want, and the health you want.

If you are a busy working professional who struggles with finding more human connection despite being uber busy, do you sometimes feel lonely?

Are you sometimes frustrated and fearful about your financial picture?

Do you feel in your heart that there has to be more to life than this, but are not sure where to start? 

In the overwhelm of you doing “all the things” have your relationships suffered, and yet, you are not sure how to get those relationships back on track? 

Are you looking for massive results in your finances, health, and relationships?

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In Your Life Alignment Course You Will:

You Will

Dive deep into exploring what makes your soul sing in terms of your vision for your most aligned relationships, health, and finanances

You Will

Learn why loving yourself is not only not selfish, but a powerful way for you to step up your game in all areas of your life 

You Will

Make room in your emotional and physical environment to allow your new life of profound possibilities to grow and expand

You Will

Learn the strategic plan that will nurture and create your relationship with money and other important areas of your life

And More...

  • A sure-fire, strategic, and efficient pathway to achieving your most abundant life that is fully aligned with your life vision.
  • Learn exactly how to move from being a person who reacts to the circumstances of her life to a person who creates her life with specific vision.
  • How to create (or eliminate) powerful life-style habits and ways of being without having to use willpower.
  • How to strategically move past your most painful life experiences without having to spend 1000s of hours in therapy or opening up “that can of worms.”
  • How to move past the busy-ness and overwhelm in your life and move into creating your most aligned life.
  • How to not only create new and connected relationships, but to maintain them with joy, respect, and love.
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Why You'll Want to Enroll in Your Life Alignment Course

  • The cost of this course is the same as two appointments with a psychologist but with life changing results. 
  • You will learn how to transform and leverage your time so you are spending less time on busy work and more time creating your aligned life. 
  • You will grab your oxygen mask for yourself and your life and be there for those you love, with presence and focus.

"I was inspired to go further than I ever dreamed imaginable. I was previously so defined by my husband and did not really see my own talents and abilities. Through this work, however, I finally finished my degree and went on to work in a job and creating a life that I had only dreamed of before. "


"Although I have been doing personal work for several years, I couldn’t seem to move forward. I was intensely unhappy with the circumstances of my life and felt a diminishing sense of hope as whatever I tried to improve my situation seemed doomed to failure. I seemed to be moving backwards, rather than progressing. I was finding my work stressful and unfulfilling, I couldn’t see anything positive on the horizon and my financial situation was going from bad to worse. Working with Val helped me to break out of some of these old patterns that were no longer serving me. She helped me to change the way I look at myself to create a new self image which included abundance and success. In the few months that I have been working with Val my income has more than doubled. More than that, however, I feel a freedom I have not felt in years. "


"Working with Val has allowed me to re-discover the joy of connecting to friends and loved ones and the wider community."


How Much Does Your Life Alignment Course Cost?!

It is true, you can hire a therapist and spend thousands of dollars. You can get to talk a lot but the question remains, how much will your life change? 

Sure, you have tried things before and failed, but what if you were to be shown a process that really works, a process that comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! 

Full on life transformation takes weeks, months, and years, not hours. However, you can be strategic and efficient about getting your life back on track regardless of where you are starting from right now. 

Are you the type of person that if you were to be given a clear, simple, and strategic plan for getting your life back on track that aligns with your goals, your wishes, and your values?

You can get started on the path to joyful possibility by investing ONLY $997!

I'm Ready to Invest in Myself!

Your Life Alignment Course

If you have been experiencing fear and overwhelm and want to create new pathways for success so you are empowered to experience fulfilling relationships and life of a life of abundance in all areas of your life click here:


Your investment in you, your financial future, your health, and your relationships is FULLY BACKED BY A 90-DAY ALL YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We are so confident in your life transformation as a result of this course that your investment is fully backed up by our money back guarantee:

  • What I really want from you, is that you are so dang satisfied with this process that you are constantly bragging to all your friends and won’t stop talk talking about how amazing it is.
  • What I DON’T want is an unhappy client.
  • What I DON’T want is unhappy money. 
  • If for any reason whatsoever, you are not happy with the course content or the value you are receiving, then get your money back. 

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About Val Hemminger, Your Instructor:

Val is pure evidence that no matter how much you feel like life has kicked your butt, that you can also transform your life to having it be in alignment. 

Val has been a divorce lawyer for more than two decades. Through her work she has seen people transform and realign their lives. What she did not expect was how much her own life  would fall apart and that she would be in a beyond fearful, misaligned, sad place. 

Val’s life brutally fell apart by the end of 2018. Val was fat, broke, broken hearted, diagnosed with extreme depression and adrenal gland burnout, and struggling in her career. She ended up separating from her husband of 18 years. Matters seemed bleak indeed. 

Val decided to take her life into her hands. Val got coached, learned how to coach, got  some therapy, and dug down into the skills and knowledge she had been learning for years.

In a 12-month period Val radically transformed her life after many years of falling flat on her face and failing repeatedly.

She is now thriving in her health, her finances, and her relationships. It is all turning around. She used tools, skills, and strategies, that can quickly and effectively change your life. 


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