I remember when I was working 10+ hour days, I was broke and miserable...I basically was an overworked, very stressed and underpaid lawyer... 

ALSO, my family life was in shambles...

I was not able to spend quality time with my family or take real vacations AND my law practice was taking over my life....sound familiar?
Over the course of 25 years of being a divorce lawyer. I have learned the ins and outs of practicing family law, and also owning a business. I made a lot of costly mistakes along the way, but I learned some very valuable lessons.
Gratefully, I now run a successful multiple six- figure law practice...which I have successfully created from implementing systems, processes and by hiring the right coaches to help me reach my business goals quicker... 
That is why developed the Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Method™️ so you can shorten your learning curve and not make the same mistakes I made along the way. 

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Create the life you've always dreamed of. Run a profitable law firm while still having a life!

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It was a very liberating experience. I'm in a position now where I'm basically debt free. I want more freedom to do the kind of things that I want to do with my kids. 

- Jamie

It helped definitely on my journey. Big game changer for me - I'm making choices to design the life that I want. 

- Rebekah

A lot had shifted for the positive in terms of having so much more time for myself and more client satisfaction. It was a really great balance of allowing myself to still be me. 

- Stephanie

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