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Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Academy

Create the life you've always dreamed of. Run a profitable law firm while still having a life!

Register for Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Academy for: 

  • A law practice with soaring profits
  • A law practice with a host of happy clients
  • All the while having time for you
  • All the while having a life with great meaning.

Your Be The Best Divorce Lawyer Method:

1. Your Best Life Design (also known as living your life on purpose, designing your own life like an architect would build your dream home, to have and be and live the best divorce lawyer)
2. Your Best You: You being mindful, and tapping into the quantum universe (the best divorce lawyers tap into this);
3. Your Best Family Law practice systems, systems, systems (treating your family law practice like a business, checklists, precedents, financial, purple cow marketing):
4. Your Best Virtual Office: SERVING YOUR CLIENTS VIRTUALLY (This was the download that came to me while meditating. Setting up your law practice remotely so you can still help people whose families are in transition regardless of where you, the divorce lawyer happens to be,  working, or traveling, or workcationing.

The Modules:

Module 1: Taking Radical Responsibility for Your Experience in this Profession is Imperative 

Module 2: Your Identity as a Successful, Wealthy, Happy, Healthy, and Powerful Lawyer 

Module 3: You, the CEO of Your Life – Self-Care makes you Rich and Happy 

Module 4: Systematizing Your Office Environment

Module 5: Happy Clients are Clients Who Brag about their Lawyers

Module 6: Attracting Your Client Base

Module 7: Your Finances

Module 8: Living your Successful Life and Successful Law Practice at the Same Time

What are you waiting for?!