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The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Work Hard | Ep 13

podcast Aug 03, 2020

When we think about our law practice, work hard seems to be the best idea. Working on weekends, skipping lunch, hitting the desk early in the morning and staying late makes perfect sense. After all, it is our profession, our life. Still, being so immersed in the daily routine could stop us from taking a look at the big picture. Perhaps we work hard because we have an inefficient method, and that hard work might bring better results if used more wisely. Today I would like to tell you why sometimes, the worst thing you can do is working hard.

In this episode:

  • The working-hard honour badge [00:01:30]
  • How my life used to be [00:03:00]
  • Adding extra-work for no apparent reason [00:04:30]
  • Making hard what is already difficult [00:06:00]
  • What working hard can stop you from seeing [00:07:30]
  • Do you know how many people reach you? [00:09:00]
  • Do you know if your marketing is working? [00:10:30]
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You Are Losing Clients Thanks To Your Website | Ep 12

podcast Jul 27, 2020

These days it is hard to imagine a law practice without a web page. However, it is easy to find big companies (not only law practices) with low quality, annoying, slow, or "user-unfriendly" websites. Failing to see the importance of having a smooth, professional and fast website can cost you lots of new clients. Today, I would like to share a few simple yet useful tips to upgrade your site and take your law practice to the next level. 


In this episode:

  • How do you use Google? [00:03:00]
  • Implementation is better than perfection [00:04:30]
  • Remember that Google is the place to start [00:06:00]
  • How fast does your website load? [00:07:30]
  • Make it mobile-friendly [00:09:00]
  • Book an appointment here! [00:10:30]
  • A general physician or a brain surgery specialist? [00:13:30]
  • Showing up in video [00:15:00]
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Are You Exploiting The New Normality? | Ep 11

podcast Jul 14, 2020

The new reality forced us to adapt our lives. Nowadays, we have virtual birthday parties; we added the facemask to the indispensable items list before going out, and we can appear in court over the phone. But this change doesn't have to be necessarily negative. For instance, last week, I decided to work from a place I love, Whistler, in British Columbia. We can't change the way the world is working, but we can adapt our law practice and exploit the new normality. 


In this episode:

  • What have you done during this pandemic to grow your practice? [00:01:30]
  • Now that I have the time I wanted, what? [00:03:00]
  • Location-independent work [00:04:30]
  • Working from an Airbnb on a Tuesday [00:06:00]
  • Using the spaces in my calendar [00:07:30]
  • Things you shouldn't forget while working from home [00:09:00]
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The Best Way To Market Your Practice In 4 Easy Steps | Ep 10

podcast Jul 06, 2020

Most lawyers think sales is cheesy, yet, we are all in sales. I believe the secret is to find a way to do it without wasting your time and energy. The good news is you can market your law practice in 4 easy steps without consuming your whole life in the process. Walk with me through this episode, I'll tell you how. 


In this episode:

  • The first step into being different from the other lawyers [00:03:00]
  • Your company's voice must be posted regularly [00:04:30]
  • First step - Virtual assistants [00:06:00]
  • Step two - Video [00:09:00]
  • The video will take your law practice to a new level [00:10:30]
  • Step three - Testimonials [00:12:00]
  • Step four - Schedule your posting [00:15:00]
  • Work smart, not hard on your marketing [00:18:00]
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If You Want A New Life, You Should Watch Your Habits | Ep 09

podcast Jul 01, 2020

Many of us run like headless chickens in our daily routines. We give our best in our jobs; we leave everything we have in the pitch, and at the end of the day, we are so tired that we wish we could create a better life for us. But we don't have time for that because we need to be ready for battle the next day. That cycle restarts and without noticing it, five, or maybe ten years go by. 

Where do you think your life and practice will be five years from now if you live the same way you did last week?


In this episode: 

  • One of my old habits [00:01:30]
  • Legal aid clients vs my vision [00:04:30]
  • Tracking my time and seeing the truth [00:07:00]
  • I was way too busy to take care of me [00:08:00]
  • Creating new habits and seeing results [00:10:30]
  • Adapting me and the business to the new reality [00:12:00]
  • Someone who can strategically direct and guide us [00:13:30]
  • Where would I be in the next five years? [00:15:00]
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The Best Way To Move Up The Emotional Scale | Ep 08

podcast Jun 17, 2020

All of us feel fear, or uncertainty, or even discouragement at some point in our lives. Those negative thoughts might multiply during this pandemic. It would be reasonable. Luckily, there is a way to move up on the emotional scale, and it depends entirely on us. The only thing we need to do is see us as cosmic beings having a human experience, and know that there is an entire universe backing us up. The key is to lean into trust; it is going to be ok. 


In this episode:

  • The main reason why we suffer [00:03:00]
  • The universe vs us [00:04:30]
  • What makes us humans [00:06:30]
  • The world needs us [00:07:30]
  • Our mission as entrepreneurs [00:10:00]
  • Are we asking the right questions? [00:11:30]

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Why Is A Coordinated Support Staff The Best Asset? | Ep 07

podcast Jun 08, 2020

Many law practices see their support staff as a 'great thing', but too expensive. The truth is that if your support staff works like a well-oiled machine, it can actually reduce your costs and help expand your profit margin. In this episode, I will explain to you why a coordinated support staff is the best asset you can have. 


In this episode

  • Stay in your zone of genius [00:02:30]
  • Those who have to make everything themselves [00:03:30]
  • How to thrive in the practice of law [00:05:00]
  • Our law firm, our family [00:06:00]
  • The side effects of not having support staff [00:07:30]
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Visioning, The Ultimate Life-Changing Energy Creator | Ep 06

podcast Jun 01, 2020

Social pressure 'wrote' a long list of things we are supposed to do with our lives. In my case, even after ticking every single box of that list, my life didn't feel right, something was missing. The things we are supposed to do maybe are not the best option for us, that is why we should focus on the things that make our soul sing. It can be anything, every fulfilling life is unique, but all of them have the same origin: visioning, the ultimate life-changing energy creator. 


In this episode:

  • The origin of every significant growth [00:01:00]
  • How does your best life look? [00:03:00]
  • How it started for me [00:04:30]
  • Think of it more like a story [00:06:00]
  • My vision, my strength [00:09:00]
  • You probably beat yourself up enough already [00:12:00]
  • Inspiration from those who believed [00:15:00]
  • Dream big [00:18:00]



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How To Turn Your Nasty Dog-File Into A Cute Little Puppy | Ep 05

podcast May 25, 2020

Every law practice has a file seated on a corner since the beginning of time. It is there, accumulating dust and growing every day. The truth is that if we don't deal with it, this howling dog-file will come and bite us sooner or later. In this episode, I share with you a flawless technique that will help you turn this nasty dog-file into a cute little puppy.  


In this episode:

  • My first growling dog file [00:02:10]
  • How does this affect us as lawyers [00:03:00]
  • What about delegating [00:04:00]
  • A new nasty dog file is born [00:05:15]
  • When improvising don't go as planned [00:06:30]
  • My flawless technique in action [00:07:30]
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Why Can Zoom Boost Your Practice Or Destroy It? | Ep 04

podcast May 18, 2020

The lockdowns all over the globe forced tons of people to increase their online business management. Since most people are not allowed to go to the office, Zoom meetings became a commonplace and a useful tool for workers and business owners. But, could this valuable gadget turn against us? Is Zoom meant to boost our practice or destroy it? In this episode, I share with you my top tips to consider when using this two-edged tool.


In this episode:

  • Our business changed [00:01:30]
  • Choosing the right place for a Zoom meeting [00:03:00]
  • Meeting in a closet [00:04:00]
  • The art of muting yourself [00:05:00]
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