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From Whoa to Wonder | Season 2 Ep 1

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2021

 From Whoa to Wonder


It was as if I was on the edge of a pool and my nose would go underwater and there was a foot on top of me always pushing my head down.

That’s how everything felt back then. For years, I thought working hard would be the very solution to my failing personal life, marriage, financial situation and health.

In today’s episode let me tell you about my origin story - a gruesome one, filled with so much frustration and devastation.

And how, as I dove deep into my reason for being a divorce lawyer, took on the entire process which helped me turn everything around.

Listen to the entire episode to dive into this tale. I hope this fills you with so much hope and encouragement so you feel empowered to take that step in having the best life and law practice.

In this Episode:

  • My Origin Story [00:02:05]
  • I Bite Off Way More Than I Could Chew [00:13:05]
  • I Learn to Strategize [00:20:37]
  • Take My Advice and Launch To The Next Level [00:25:25]
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You Are Being Watched | Ep 40

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021

You Are Being Watched


As lawyers, we are essentially “on stage” and we are constantly being watched.

This is the very concept I want to share with you in today’s episode.

Let’s consider the way we are conducting ourselves at the courthouse, at mediations, at four-way meetings, at arbitrations, and even down to the letters and emails we write.

Are we demonstrating a very appropriate way of resolving your clients' matters and coming across as solid advocates? Or are we showing up disorganized and testy?

Clearly, we are always modeling behavior. So how are we going to show up as members of this profession?

I invite you to listen to the entire episode and learn more about how to reflect on our behaviors; and how that can help us change and do much better work for clients in a way that helps families now.

In this Episode:

  • The Whole Concept Of Being Watched [00:00:19]
  • Be Aware That People Are Watching Us [00:03:00]
  • Being Watched Also Teaches Us A Lesson...
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Are You The Bottle Neck That Is Choking Your Success? | Ep 39

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2021

Are You The Bottle Neck That Is Choking Your Success?


In this episode, I will share with you a big discovery I had over the last few weeks.

Imagine a big bottle. At the very top of it is this little tiny neck and through that neck is all of your decision-making power, all of your time, all of your energy…

If you're the person doing all that stuff, you are certainly the bottleneck of your business!

I realized, being the bottleneck of my business did not make me a great lawyer. This made me tired, testy and unhappy. To top it all off, this did not allow me to focus on what is important.

Listen to the full episode and find out more about how you can transform the way you handle your business so you do not become the bottleneck.


In this Episode:

  • Are You The Bottleneck That Is Choking Your Work Success? [00:00:23]
  • Being A Bottleneck Completely Tied Up Everything In My Life And Made Everything Simply Not Work [00:02:56]
  • Don’t Be The Bottleneck, Give Somebody...
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The Divorce Law Industry Is Broken. Are You Part Of The Solution Or Part Of The Problem? | Ep 38

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2021

The Divorce Law Industry Is Broken. Are You Part Of The Solution Or Part Of The Problem?

In this episode, I share with you how broken the divorce industry is.

The question that I’d like you to think about is this: Are helping it change for the better, or are you actually contributing to the brokenness of this industry?

I've previously shared with you that we've lost a couple of clients in the last year or so because of the combative situation they are facing.

As lawyers, we have a huge responsibility to ensure that we are mindful of when we are being combative. And to remember our real role as Family Law Lawyers to take this industry that is broken and change it for the better.

Listen to the full episode and find out more about what we can do to help transform this absolutely broken industry.


In this Episode:

  • I Was In A Very Combative Experience And A High Conflict Matter [00:00:32]
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Combating Loneliness in the Practice of Law | Ep 37

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2021

Combating Loneliness in the Practice of Law

In today’s episode, I had a wonderful conversation with Katie Lipp. She is a law firm owner focusing on employment separation counseling for companies and employees in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Katie also leads Law Practice Queen, where she advocates for female attorneys and law students to level up in their legal careers.

We talked about the capacity of women in the legal industry to own their power. And how this is possible when we are part of a community that provides immense support. It really goes a long way when experienced attorneys and law firm owners can help out law students regarding the ins and outs of the legal industry like building a network and acquiring clients.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about the importance of being part of a community and helping fellow lawyers as well as law students thrive in the legal industry.


In this Episode:

  • The Law Practice Queen [00:00:53]
  • How Did It Start...
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Mindfulness-ness Practice Makes You A Better Lawyer | Ep 36

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2021

Mindfulness-ness Practice Makes You A Better Lawyer

In this episode, I had a meaningful discussion with Claire Parsons. She is a Local Government and School Law Attorney, a Speaker and Best-selling Author and a Certified Meditation Teacher.

We talked about the importance of meditation and how it helps us make sound choices. In our daily lives, our minds are often filled with a myriad of thoughts. And being mindful towards our thoughts and actions go a long way.

Claire also reiterated that when we practice meditation, we form the habit of developing a sense of comfort with the ebbs and flows of our thoughts, and being able to observe them from a distance without passing judgement. From there, it creates a space to sort through what serves us and what would work best for us.

Listen to the full episode so you can learn more about the practice of meditation, how you can make wise choices because of it and how it will help you align with your best life.

In this episode:

  • What Brought...
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When The Other Parent (And Their Lawyer) Are Assh*les | Ep 35

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2021

When The Other Parent (And Their Lawyer) Are Assh*les

In today’s episode, I had a remarkable discussion with Christina McGhee, MSW, an internationally recognized divorce parenting expert, speaker and author, who has spent most of her career educating parents and professionals on how to minimize the impact of divorce on children.

She's written a book called PARENTING APART: How separated and divorced parents can raise happy and secure kids. Most recently, she worked on a super powerful documentary called Split which discusses the separation effect on the kid.

In our discussion, she mentioned that in the process of uncoupling, it happens very often that problems in the partnership translates to the other party being identified as having a problem with parenting as well. When in reality, they are separate issues.

She also highlighted the importance of having support and access to information to get through the process of divorce well and more quickly. This enables families to...

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How The Owner Of A 150-Person Law Firm Still Has Time For His Family | Ep 34

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2021


How The Owner Of A 150-Person Law Firm Still Has Time For His Family

In this week’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Morse, the founder of Mike Morse Law Firm, the largest personal injury law firm in Michigan. He was recently named a #1 Amazon Best-selling author for his book Fireproof and hosts a weekly podcast, Open Mike, where he shares advice on the law and brings important legal topics to the forefront.

Mike highlighted the importance of working on the things that you love to do, where you're great at, and how delegating plays a key part in this.

This resonated with me so much because I have always shared how essential it is to create a life that is aligned with what fills you with bliss. Carving out more time for ourselves and what we enjoy doing can actually transform our lives and our law practices.

He also shared how important it is to really show up even if it means opening yourself up to ridicule and I couldn’t agree more. Here's the...

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How To Use Your Own Story To Build A Successful Business | Ep 33

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2021

 How To Use Your Own Story To Build A Successful Business

In today’s episode, we’re with an Uplifter, out to help people craft unscripted lives. Hayden Humphrey empowers people to break up with the scripts they were given so they can build careers and businesses that are aligned, authentic, and joyful.

We talked about a very important aspect we need to nurture as we build our businesses, including our law practice.. and that is our relationship with oneself - how we build that relationship and identify disconnects in how we relate to oneself.

When we acknowledge this, we’ll begin to understand how the problems we may be struggling with are reflective of the issues we carry within. Ultimately, how we relate to ourselves is how we relate to the rest of the world.

Listen to the full episode so you can discover how to use your own story to build a successful business authentically.

#bethebestdivorcelawyer #lawyerlife #familylaw #familylawyer #divorcelawyer...

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Why Failing Forward Is Your Key to Success | Ep 32

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2021

 On today’s episode, we have Stephen G. Pope. He specializes in revenue growth for professional firms, agencies and consultants. He is also the host of Digital Masters Podcast.


We had this amazing conversation on what we can focus on when we want to stand out. Zigging when others are zagging is doing the exact opposite of what most people would normally do.


We also covered why showing up on video is a huge plus. And he left this insight on the importance of embracing our uniqueness and a reminder of how some things will develop over time.


#bethebestdivorcelawyer #lawyerlife #familylaw #familylawyer #divorcelawyer #worklessmakemore


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephengregorypope/

Podcast: https://sgplabs.com/digital-masters-podcast/


In this episode:


  • Showing People How To Develop Your Brand Online [00:00:36]
  • Stuff That You Didn't Think Actually Becomes Being The Good Stuff [00:02:49]
  • Thought Leadership ...
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