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How to Stop Worrying About Money Starting Right Now

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2019


Today I want to talk to you about how you end financial stress starting right this second, right this moment without another worry.

How do you do that? 

There's a quote that goes I've had a lot of worries in my life, some of which have actually happened. That's what we do, don't we? We worry worry worry.

I was talking to a friend of mine and she said that in her financial life, she worked her butt off all the time. In her mind, she never seems to be able to get ahead. She says she works (a lot) and yet when she's not working, she's worried about money which really drains her energy. When her energy is drained, she feels like she needs a treat, then goes out to get it and does something that's not in alignment with what she wants to grow to and create in her life.

Using my friend as an example, she loves to travel and it's totally in alignment with what she wants to do and how she wants to experience her life. When she's working, she's saving up for her trips which...

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When Life Has Kicked Your A** - How to Get Over That Empty, Lonely, Sad, Broken Heart, Kind of Feeling

your life alignment Sep 27, 2019

Hey there!

Today let's talk about how you prepare your life when you've had major crap happen. 

Those of you who know me quite well, know that I went through a separation recently. It was a big deal for me. I was constructively dismissed from our marriage. Ultimately I pulled the pin because it was unbearable, but at the same time he left me years ago in his heart and I just couldn't live that way anymore.

I lived a certain life or way of being for 18 years. No matter how much pain we caused eachother, or how hurt we were in the end, or how much we have our own narrative, one thing I can say for sure is that I know when I met my husband and for the first 11 years or so, there's no question that he was my soulmate. I loved him deeply, and there was a profound incredible amazing connection there. 

When I say it was a big deal to separate from my husband, it was a BIG deal. It took 8 years of my relationship being terrible before I could actually take the step to leave (and...

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Seeing Your Relationship with Money as a Relationship You are Committed To

your life alignment Sep 04, 2019

Today I want to talk more abundance. You’ve been hearing me go on about abundance and abundance mindset lately. For me, although I’ve been in the practice of trying to tap into, understand, get, absorb the abundance in which I live, I slip just like the next guy. For sure.

One of the other things is if you look at me from an external 3D world, because I lost a million dollars on a property that I’ve been working to pay off, a lot of people might look at me and go “HOly cow how can she be so abundant because she’s got all that debt?!”

If you think that has scared me in the past, it has. Full on terror about that. No question. Absolutely completely terrified.

ALthough I’ve had this debt I’ve also been wanting to tap into the abundance in which I live and there’s a lot in my life that I am grateful for. I live in a beautiful home (it has a big mortgage now on it thanks to my mistake), I work in a wonderful office with wonderful...

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