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Why Failing Forward Is Your Key to Success | Ep 32

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2021

 On today’s episode, we have Stephen G. Pope. He specializes in revenue growth for professional firms, agencies and consultants. He is also the host of Digital Masters Podcast.


We had this amazing conversation on what we can focus on when we want to stand out. Zigging when others are zagging is doing the exact opposite of what most people would normally do.


We also covered why showing up on video is a huge plus. And he left this insight on the importance of embracing our uniqueness and a reminder of how some things will develop over time.


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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephengregorypope/

Podcast: https://sgplabs.com/digital-masters-podcast/


In this episode:


  • Showing People How To Develop Your Brand Online [00:00:36]
  • Stuff That You Didn't Think Actually Becomes Being The Good Stuff [00:02:49]
  • Thought Leadership  [00:04:16]
  • Why Exposing Yourself Through Video Is a Plus [00:05:59]
  • If You Want To Stand Out, Do Everything That Everyone Doesn’t [00:10:06]
  • You Don't Have To Be Perfect As You Start [00:12:46]
  • Stephen’s Operating System For Content Marketing. [00:16:13]

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