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Seeing Your Relationship with Money as a Relationship You are Committed To

your life alignment Sep 04, 2019

Today I want to talk more abundance. You’ve been hearing me go on about abundance and abundance mindset lately. For me, although I’ve been in the practice of trying to tap into, understand, get, absorb the abundance in which I live, I slip just like the next guy. For sure.

One of the other things is if you look at me from an external 3D world, because I lost a million dollars on a property that I’ve been working to pay off, a lot of people might look at me and go “HOly cow how can she be so abundant because she’s got all that debt?!”

If you think that has scared me in the past, it has. Full on terror about that. No question. Absolutely completely terrified.

ALthough I’ve had this debt I’ve also been wanting to tap into the abundance in which I live and there’s a lot in my life that I am grateful for. I live in a beautiful home (it has a big mortgage now on it thanks to my mistake), I work in a wonderful office with wonderful people, an amazing team that helps me do this project. So I have all these things that are really really great.

At the same time, sometimes I just want to have fun. For example, I love going to Whistler. I love it. I love it. I love it. It’s so fun. I’m filming this video from Whistler as we speak. Because I have this debt that I’ve been paying off, whenever I take time away from the office I’m not earning money to attack that debt.

So the question becomes even though you’re trying to create abundance in your life, how can you justify spending time in Whistler when you’ve got this debt? Isn’t that being sloppy or being irresponsible with money?

It might be counter intuitive, but I see my relationship with my finances as just that. A relationship.

So do I look at that relationship and say, “Holy cow you’re an asshole, you haven’t given me anything lately.” or “I don’t have enough of you”. Imagine if this is how you talked to your significant other all the time. Would they stick around? Or want to be in a relationship with you? Probably not.

I see my relationship with money not as something to fear or focus on, but as a relationship that I nurture.

When I come to Whistler like I am right now, I’m on a work-cation. Whistler feeds my soul. There’s lots of forest trails here, a friendly vibe, nature everywhere, great weather, I can bring my dog and my daughter. I call it a work-cation because I get some project work done. I get videos and writing done.

Even though I’m spending money, I’m still spending it in alignment with my work projects. It’s in alignment with my creativity. The money that I spend when I go to Whistler, I’m really grateful for that money. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to come here and be here.

Sometimes people spend money and it’s flying out the door. They say they live in an abundant life. BUt to me, that’s being sloppy. If you were in a relationship with someone would you throw them out the door and ignore them? Would you ignore them? No, you’d want to nurture and care for that relationship. When I think about my relationship with money, and when I do spend money, I ask myself if this is in alignment with my future goals. Does this bring my life forward with my future goals? If it does, then I spend the money on that.

It’s not that any time I spend money it’s not okay, or when I splurge it doesn’t mean it’s unacceptable because I have debt. It’s okay to spend money on this because the joy it brings me is in alignment with the life I want to live.

The fact that I’m able to step out of my day to day work and be in a creative mode in something I really love doing like writing and creating these videos for you, it is in alignment. I’m always asking myself that question to nurture my relationship with money.

Part of that is knowing what my bank account balances are. I know when my next bill payments are coming up. I know where I need to go in terms of my investments and other goals. Even though I’ve gone of and I’m spending money in a certain way, it’s still in alignment with what I’m doing, with me nurturing my relationship, and with me having a successful relationship with money.

That’s what I want for you too.

Having joyful experiences and having fun is so important to continue the abundance flowing in your direction. It’s important because the more you have fun, the more you enjoy. The more you’re able to be in service to yourself.

I want you to step into seeing your relationship with money as a relationship. Step into the abundance of that.


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