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Mindfulness-ness Practice Makes You A Better Lawyer | Ep 36

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2021

Mindfulness-ness Practice Makes You A Better Lawyer

In this episode, I had a meaningful discussion with Claire Parsons. She is a Local Government and School Law Attorney, a Speaker and Best-selling Author and a Certified Meditation Teacher.

We talked about the importance of meditation and how it helps us make sound choices. In our daily lives, our minds are often filled with a myriad of thoughts. And being mindful towards our thoughts and actions go a long way.

Claire also reiterated that when we practice meditation, we form the habit of developing a sense of comfort with the ebbs and flows of our thoughts, and being able to observe them from a distance without passing judgement. From there, it creates a space to sort through what serves us and what would work best for us.

Listen to the full episode so you can learn more about the practice of meditation, how you can make wise choices because of it and how it will help you align with your best life.

In this episode:

  • What Brought Claire Into Meditation Practice [00:01:45]
  • What Does Meditation Practice Look Like? [00:03:37]
  • The Vipassana Meditation [00:05:05]
  • When You Meditate, You Can Actually Have That Distance To Create That Level of Comfort So That You Can Make Wise Choices Outside Of The Thoughts [00:06:59]
  • Meditation Practice Is Actually Necessary For You To Even Continue With The Practice Of Law [00:10:22]
  • Small Things Are Big [00:14:30]
  • The Loving Kindness Part of Meditation Practice [00:17:55]




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