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How To Use Your Own Story To Build A Successful Business | Ep 33

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2021

 How To Use Your Own Story To Build A Successful Business

In today’s episode, we’re with an Uplifter, out to help people craft unscripted lives. Hayden Humphrey empowers people to break up with the scripts they were given so they can build careers and businesses that are aligned, authentic, and joyful.

We talked about a very important aspect we need to nurture as we build our businesses, including our law practice.. and that is our relationship with oneself - how we build that relationship and identify disconnects in how we relate to oneself.

When we acknowledge this, we’ll begin to understand how the problems we may be struggling with are reflective of the issues we carry within. Ultimately, how we relate to ourselves is how we relate to the rest of the world.

Listen to the full episode so you can discover how to use your own story to build a successful business authentically.

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In this episode:

  • Coaches Tend To Work In The Field That They Themselves Struggled With [00:01:19]
  • Developing Your Relationship With Yourself [00:02:28]
  • How You Relate To Yourself Is How You Relate To The Rest Of The World [00:05:35}
  • Not Paying Any Attention To Your Relationship With Yourself Is Uncomfortable [00:07:11]
  • Finding The Partner That You Trust [00:08:34]
  • Start With Self-Awareness [00:10:06]
  • Don't Underestimate The Power Of Awareness [00:12:48]
  • Build Some Acceptance [00:13:23]
  • Reconstruct And Redesign Your Vision [00:15:03]
  • Helping Reorient And Reframe Your Relationship With Desire [00:17:13]
  • Practice And Put The Pieces In Place For Shifting And Transforming And Creating A Different Experience Of Life For Ourselves [00:19:17]
  • Creating Bigger Results Actually Requires You To Take Better Care Of Yourself [00:23:18]
  • The Lifestyle Design By Hayden [00:25:38]
  • Create Businesses That Do The Most Good [00:29:54]



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