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From Distressed to Peaceful Possibility in 5 Days or Less | Season 2 Ep 38

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2022

From Distressed to Peaceful Possibility in 5 Days or Less


You ever come across something so powerful, you think, holy crapola, I have got to tell (insert every person on the planet that you love) about this!!

Well, that is what the Breath and Wonder technique is all about. 

Yep, your clients need this! The people you love need this.

If you caught this week’s podcast you will see that I interviewed my friend Deni Mariscal. In this episode, I dived into the Woo lot more than usual, however, with the eye to concrete results.

I interviewed Deni Mariscal, my dear friend, and practitioner of Energy Healing and the Art of Awakening Through Wonder which is a method nothing you have ever heard of or learned about before. 

Emotions have defined energy, a field of their own, complete with shape, density, and texture. Science has now proven this. Emotions are an integral part of a person’s overall energy flow, and if they are held tightly they disrupt this flow. This technique is a simple yet powerful way to relieve the tension around tightly held emotions, in order to speed up the healing and to make it last. 

It works well for our clients that are traumatized. It makes us better lawyers.

It allows our clients to free ourselves from the drama in our lives... 


Here is the thing... Most people rely on intellect and neglect the emotional body...so what happens is you might experience some temporary mindset shifts if you go to therapy or the next best thing . .. ..but it's usually never long-lasting…

The mind is a beautiful tool...but there are deeper seeded issues that go beyond what the mind can comprehend. 

Our clients (and us) carry emotional memories in our bodies, particularly when we have gone through a very stressful or traumatizing experience. For people going through a divorce or separation, those same unconscious memories stay with us and continue to give us the same experiences over and over again, even though the initial trauma is long in our past. 

Can you imagine what our clients’ lives would look and feel like if they were able to break free from the hurt and pain of their marriages and separation?

Reprogram your unconscious mind so you can confidently move towards what you want in life. 

Transform and Transmute the emotional trauma that holds you back from living a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Unleash the full potential that is currently slumbering within you. 



In this Episode:

  • About Breath and Wonder technique [00:03:35]
  • Emotions are an integral part of a person’s overall energy flow [00:17:18]



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