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You Are Being Watched | Ep 40

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021

You Are Being Watched


As lawyers, we are essentially “on stage” and we are constantly being watched.

This is the very concept I want to share with you in today’s episode.

Let’s consider the way we are conducting ourselves at the courthouse, at mediations, at four-way meetings, at arbitrations, and even down to the letters and emails we write.

Are we demonstrating a very appropriate way of resolving your clients' matters and coming across as solid advocates? Or are we showing up disorganized and testy?

Clearly, we are always modeling behavior. So how are we going to show up as members of this profession?

I invite you to listen to the entire episode and learn more about how to reflect on our behaviors; and how that can help us change and do much better work for clients in a way that helps families now.

In this Episode:

  • The Whole Concept Of Being Watched [00:00:19]
  • Be Aware That People Are Watching Us [00:03:00]
  • Being Watched Also Teaches Us A Lesson [00:06:47]
  • Consider It To Be Able To Contribute [00:11:40]

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