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Unbreaking The Broken Family Industry | Season 2 Ep 3

Uncategorized May 17, 2021


Unbreaking the Broken Family Industry


If we did away with the toxicity of Family Law disputes, what would happen to our industry?

This is what I wanted to share with you in today’s podcast.

When clients go through a divorce or a separation, they're in a dysfunctional situation and already stressed out. Most of the time they want a lawyer who can get their matter resolved stat. If we are literally stirring the pot and conduct ourselves with the thought that we are paid to fight, that's not helpful at all, is it? This demonstrates something that's very broken about our industry.

What if we were actually to change the whole question of the family law industry? What if we were just guiding people, from the time of their separation to having their family matter resolved in an efficient, appropriate way.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how we can transition the discussion around Family Law, so that we keep people out of court, out of the toxic disputes and we're able to resolve the matter.



In this Episode:

  • Analogy Of The Marijuana Industry [00:01:04]
  • Story About Court System [00:03:22]
  • People Are Paid [00:04:32]
  • This Is A Broken Industry [00:06:44]
  • What If We Were Part Of The Solution [00:08:16]
  • No Shortage Of Lawyers, But Lack Of Support Professionals [00:09:25]
  • Pour Gas On Fires [00:10:33]
  • It’s A Money-Making Thing -- Most People Believe That [00:10:57]
  • What Is The Answer? [00:12:13]
  • Don’t Waste Your Client’s Time [00:15:33]

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