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One-Step Strategy to Run Your Law Practice from Your Backpack | Season 2 Ep 13

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2021

One-Step Strategy to Run Your Law Practice from Your Backpack

How much time last week did you spend working “on” your law practice rather than just “in” it?

Here is the strategy for transforming EVERYTHING. Block out time each and every week to work on your law practice rather than just in it. Make the appointment, with yourself, for your business, for your future, and for your life.

In order to have a great life and have a thriving law practice, we have to do more than just work in our law practice doing the billable client work, research, applications, etc. We have to work on it. When I say work on our law practice, I mean designing our law practice so that it runs smoothly for us and our clients, spending time creating our marketing, looking at our numbers, designing our lives, etc.

As I write this, I am still basking in the memory of a very recent 11-day adventure, exploring the Eastern part of the province of British Columbia. This trip was a life dream for me and something I never ever ever never would have imagined as a possibility even as recently as five years ago.

This adventure included me not only exploring the stunning beauty of my province, but I also got to connect with other lawyers, including one lawyer who is part of the Be The Best Divorce Lawyer Signature Program (GREAT to see you Brogan!). I am honoured and excited to see other divorce lawyers who want to do great work, keep their clients happy, and also be purposeful about designing their own lives to include happiness and fun.

I live by the ocean, and I mean, right by it. I also love love love being in the mountains, particularly when those mountains happen to be near a ski hill. I am a very sloooooow skier and very sloooooow snowboarder, having been 42 years old when I first learned to snowboard. I do, however, love the sport. I love being in the mountains. I love the whole energy around a ski hill, the whole purpose of which is to have fun.

Last year, I received some spiritual guidance that I should consider relocating, at least part of the time to the East Kootenays, about 600 miles (almost 1,000) from my home in Victoria, British Columbia.

If you know anything about me, you will know that for years, I worked from 8 am to 6pm straight through, with zero left over, in terms of time, energy, or “bandwidth” for my family, my health or my happiness. I certainly had zero time to work on my practice.

Who has got time for navel gazing I said?!

I was too busy trying to dig myself out of my impending financial catastrophe that I could not figure out how to do anything different.

My business coach recommended that I take a full day off to work on my business, rather than just in it. I thought that was ridonculous. Who has got time for that?!

I did know, however, that if anything was going to change, I would have to start somewhere. So, I started. I took an hour on Friday afternoons to work on my law practice. It seemed stressful that I was taking time away from client work, which provided the much-needed revenue to keep things afloat.

I didn’t even know what to do or where to start in terms of working “on” my practice.

I got started by writing out some checklists for the stuff we did over and over again each day. I also started thinking about what made my law practice unique, and, of course, thinking about how I could design things to run smoother (at the time, nothing was running smoothly!).

I eventually expanded that working on my business time on Fridays to become all of each Friday. Fridays are my day to work on my business (now businesses, including Be the Best Divorce Lawyer). I am bullish about protecting my Fridays. Although, for me clients always come first, so if we need to schedule court, or a meeting that only works on that day, I will do it. This happens rarely. Otherwise, Fridays are always 100% my time to work on my business.

Fridays are blocked out in my calendar. It is an appointment that I don’t miss. Would you schedule a court date and not show up?! Would you miss a scheduled surgery? Of course not! That is how important my Fridays are.

I know for sure that I never would have been able to create the freedom I have created unless I made the time to work on my business. It is as a result of blocking out Fridays that I made changes like these:

  • My firm went paperless;
  • We started using cloud-based versions of all the necessary software we use saving us a ton of money in IT support, and making it much easier to practice law without being tied to the office;
  • I saved tons of money each month because I got rid of maintaining an old “server” that we no longer needed;
  • I engaged in simple and effective marketing efforts making us the “go to” lawyers in our area;
  • I reduced the amount of rent I was paying because I rented a smaller (but way nicer) physical office;
  • I discovered many financial leaks that I was able to easily fix; and Oh so many other things.

When I was able to make changes in my practice my life changed huge!

When I blocked off the weekly appointment time for working on my practice things really started to transform. Now, I get to:

  • Exercise daily;
  • Delegate stuff that I should not be doing;
  • Only see clients starting at 10 am, thus leaving my mornings for my spiritual practice, exercise, designing life so I can continually up-level;
  • Take Fridays off entirely from client work;
  • Look after my finances in a way I never dreamed; and
  • Dream big into the next level of my life that I am creating.

Schedule Your Weekly Time to Work on Your Practice!

At the risk of an overused saying we see on a certain brand: JUST DO IT!

I promise that things will not change for you until you take this step.

Designing the practice and life of your dreams is not something that you will wait to “get around to” one day, because that one day will never happen.

When something is important like this, you gotta schedule it.

Now, before you get onto the next thing after reading or listening to this, open your calendar and set a recurring appointment and let NOTHING get in the way of it.

Much much love,


In this Episode:

  • The One-Step Strategy [00:02:37]
  • What became of my 11-day Adventure [00:03:08]
  • Why would I take on this journey in the middle of work week? [00:04:12]
  • Fridays are blocked out on my calendar. Here’s why. [00:05:56]
  • I made changes as a result for blocking out Fridays. [00:06:44]
  • When I was able to make changes in my practice, my life changed. [00:07:50]
  • Schedule your weekly time to work on your practice. [00:09:24]

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