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Have You Stopped Struggling and Started Thriving? | Season 2 Ep 16

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2021

Have You Stopped Struggling and Started Thriving?

If you are a family law lawyer and are tired of struggling to make it work, then keep reading.

Divorce lawyers can thrive instead of just getting by or worse, failing miserably. As one who has been both successful and unsuccessful at various points throughout the past 25 years, I am going to share with you what I have learned about success.

Success isn’t always what we expect it to be.

What does “success” mean to you?

For me, success is about abundance. When I say abundance I am not just talking about abundant finances. I am talking about abundant time, abundant health, rich and meaningful relationships, and abundant fun.

Despite all this talk about being abundant and happy, I fully admit that I have been feeling really off lately. I have felt some uncertainty about the direction of my life and my law practice. I have felt uncertainty about some of my friendships, and have disconnected from others.

For me, the most successful days are the ones that have lots of connection with others. I have had days where I have been feeling lonely.

Then just last night I was reminded how easy it is to tap into abundance if I just allow it.

I was feeling lonely and sorry for myself when my friend, Heather texted and said:

I feel energetic. Let’s play.

She did not have to ask me twice.


We went out and played. We had some great food at our favourite Tapa Bar, named, you guessed it, “The Tapa Bar.” We then hit up the funniest, friendliest, silliest bar called Big Bad John’s. I have frequented that bar since the 80s. Yes, two of my old bras are on the ceiling.

I bonded with four young women who were visiting from out of Province. Let’s just say, I have never been as cool as those young women! They were amazing and fun and adventurous and wanted to contribute to the world. Yes, I adored them. A LOT!

And, yes, I was home and tucked in by 12:30 am.

So, for me, last night reminded me of the success of my life. Although I have had some serious “whoa is me” moments over the last couple of weeks, I have to realize that so much of my life is thriving.

The very fact that I live close to downtown with great food and fun people and a ridiculous bar, leaves me basking in gratitude this morning.

We know that there are times when you feel like everything is too much, and it’s not your fault.

It feels like the world around you has been conspiring against you to make sure that nothing goes right for long. That has certainly been my last couple of weeks.

You need a break from all of this – but where do you go? If life seems overwhelming or if success just isn't happening even though you're doing what's "supposed" to be done, then maybe it's time for some new perspective on how things work in our lives.

When we are grateful for the abundance around us, it helps us tap into the successful lives we want to create.

Much love,



In this Episode:

  • Divorce lawyers can thrive instead of just getting by or worse, failing miserably [00:00:59]
  • What does “success” mean to you? [00:01:44]
  • Despite the success I have, something is off lately [00:02:10]
  • There are times when you feel like everything is too much, and it’s not your fault [00:06:46]

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