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From Whoa to Wonder | Season 2 Ep 1

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2021

 From Whoa to Wonder


It was as if I was on the edge of a pool and my nose would go underwater and there was a foot on top of me always pushing my head down.

That’s how everything felt back then. For years, I thought working hard would be the very solution to my failing personal life, marriage, financial situation and health.

In today’s episode let me tell you about my origin story - a gruesome one, filled with so much frustration and devastation.

And how, as I dove deep into my reason for being a divorce lawyer, took on the entire process which helped me turn everything around.

Listen to the entire episode to dive into this tale. I hope this fills you with so much hope and encouragement so you feel empowered to take that step in having the best life and law practice.

In this Episode:

  • My Origin Story [00:02:05]
  • I Bite Off Way More Than I Could Chew [00:13:05]
  • I Learn to Strategize [00:20:37]
  • Take My Advice and Launch To The Next Level [00:25:25]

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