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Crush Your Stress and Create Freedom in 4 Easy Steps | Season 2 Ep 35

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2022

Crush Your Stress and Create Freedom in 4 Easy Steps

You ever notice that when you have a whole day ahead of you to do “whatever” not much gets done.

I think of my sisters, all retired. They say they don’t have time to do anything. All of their days are rolled out in front of them.

Having stuff booked in your calendar creates freedom!

It also reduces stress,

Of the B.E.S.T. Method this relates to the T, Time Saving Techniques.

Time-Saving Techniques:

  1. BEST Bucks: This is where you serve your clients and create cash flow for you and your law practice. It is all about generating money from your work on client matters.

  2. BEST Leverage: Make no mistake about the importance of this kind of activity. You won’t get anywhere without this. Most lawyers do not do this. This MUST be scheduled and you must protect that time.: This is where you create materials, etc. that will launch your firm forward like creating content, and putting yourself out there.

  3. BEST Bumper: A bumper is a device for absorbing shock or preventing damage (as in a collision). Administrative Tasks. Dealing with the shit/steps in your business. Cleaning up little messes with your business or your personal life.

  4. BEST You: spiritual practice? Exercise? Cooking? Taking a class? Making out?


So, create your time appointments and make your life and law practice wonderful starting today.

Much love,




In this Episode:

  • Having stuff booked in your calendar creates freedom [00:02:34]
  • BEST You [00:06:49]
  • BEST Bucks [00:10:45]
  • BEST Leverage [00:16:55]
  • BEST Bumper [00:21:30]


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