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One-Step Strategy to Run Your Law Practice from Your Backpack | Season 2 Ep 13

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2021

One-Step Strategy to Run Your Law Practice from Your Backpack

How much time last week did you spend working “on” your law practice rather than just “in” it?

Here is the strategy for transforming EVERYTHING. Block out time each and every week to work on your law practice rather than just in it. Make the appointment, with yourself, for your business, for your future, and for your life.

In order to have a great life and have a thriving law practice, we have to do more than just work in our law practice doing the billable client work, research, applications, etc. We have to work on it. When I say work on our law practice, I mean designing our law practice so that it runs smoothly for us and our clients, spending time creating our marketing, looking at our numbers, designing our lives, etc.

As I write this, I am still basking in the memory of a very recent 11-day adventure, exploring the Eastern part of the province of British Columbia. This trip was a life dream...

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The Guy Who Ruined EVERYTHING! | Season 2 Ep 12

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2021

The Guy Who Ruined EVERYTHING!


As I write this, I am sitting on a cobble-stone patio in Kimberley, British Columbia about 580 miles from where I live. I am in Kimberley even though I still worked on my law practice all week, serving clients. It has been a huge adventure and I have seen parts of my home province that I have never seen before.

For the past 10 days I was able to practice law and run my coaching business from my laptop. My office now fits in my purse. I have taken this journey by ferry, car, city bus, private airplane, hitchhiking and taxi.

Taking a journey like this in the middle of the week, while I was still working in my law practice, is something I never would have realized as a possibility a few short years ago.

So many of us divorce lawyers work our butts off, burning the candle at both ends so to speak, without even questioning that there can be a better way.

I worked for years not questioning the structure of my work. I did not have time for much of...

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Why Being Purposefully Ignorant Can be a Great Thing | Season 2 Ep 11

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2021

Why Being Purposefully Ignorant Can be a Great Thing

I have this friend named Heather. She knows so many things. She has renovated her entire house. She not only designed it, but she also did a lot of the work herself. When she got her new dishwasher she actually read the manual so she would know exactly how to load the dishwasher in the most efficient and effective way. If she needs plumbing fixed, she will first try to do it herself before calling a plumber. Most of the time she does not end up needing the plumber. Or the electrician. Or the Maytag repairman so to speak.

Heather knows how to tile her own bathroom. She is a great cook, cooking most of her meals from scratch. She knows first aid. She knows a ton about eating wild plants. She tends to her cottage-style garden and holds a job teaching gymnastics. She even spent a year learning circus arts at Cirque du Soleil. She went off to Mexico for a year once or twice to learn Spanish. She knows how to go camping when it is...

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Are you Starving Your Soul? | Season 2 Ep 10

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2021

Are you Starving Your Soul?

I had the fortune of being adopted by the Hemminger family, first coming to them via the foster care system as a baby. My parents, Elma and Julius Hemminger, were kind, fun, and very big-hearted people. They were also very wise.

I am not a Christian. I used to, however, marvel at my Mom, Elma’s tremendous faith in who she called God. Her faith and prayers filled her soul. There was no question about it.

Whenever Elma felt sad or fearful, she prayed. She prayed when she worried about one of her children. She prayed when she worried about finances. She prayed because the very act of doing so nourished her.

Elma totally and thoroughly believed that God was listening to her. She also believed that God loved her and every other person on our planet because “God didn’t make no junk.”

On Sundays, Elma went to church, and later on in life, when she was less mobile, she watched church programs on the television.

Everything about...

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Be More Like Donald Trump! | Season 2 Ep 09

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2021

Be More Like Donald Trump!

One of the first business books I ever read was supposedly written by Donald Trump. I don’t even remember the title.

I feel like I should explain myself a little. This was in about 2011 or so . I knew almost nothing about this Trump guy but had started my journey to learn more about being a business owner. At the time my law practice was struggling.

I am not a television watcher, so I had not seen Donald Trump on television. It was way before he became president. It was way before he was exposed for sexual harassment, assaults, and the like. It was way before he incited a riot on Capitol Hill.

At the time I read the book, I had absolutely no idea (nor did anyone) that he would go on to become the laughing stock of our planet and do so much to discredit the role of “Mr. President.”

At the time, one business book looked pretty much like any other, so I bought it and read it.

I do, however, remember two things that stood out for me about...

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Don't be a DICK! | Season 2 Ep 8

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2021

Don't be a DICK!


In order to qualify to work for my law firm, Pathway Legal Law Corporation, the Associate lawyers must commit to taking dispute resolution training. This is training that goes way beyond anything we were taught in law school. It is skills-based mediation training.


Dispute resolution training makes family law lawyers way better at what we do:

  • It teaches us about how to negotiate with difficult people;
  • It teaches us how to explore the interests of our clients that are behind their positions;
  • It helps us understand and then deal with opposing parties more powerfully;
  • It helps us discuss and resolve matters more effectively with opposing lawyers;
  • It teaches us to be way better negotiators; and, if we have to go to court,
  • It teaches us to be way better litigators.

I am a firm believer that the more compassionate and understanding I am of my clients and their needs, the way better advocate I am going to be for them. The more I can get my client to imagine...

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Managing the Toxic Client - The Tale of Rotten Ralph | Season 2 Ep 07

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2021

Managing the Toxic Client - The Tale of Rotten Ralph


We have all had that one terrible, toxic, client.. It is that one particular client you dread talking to. The one that when you speak to him (or her or they), you feel your energy drain out of you. Your mind feels clogged after speaking with him. You start wondering why you thought becoming a divorce lawyer would EVER be a good idea . . .

Let me tell you about Rotten Ralph.

Rotten Ralph is a particular client. He also happens to be the one that doesn’t take your advice, he takes unreasonable positions, he complains about each and every one of your invoices, he takes up an inordinate amount of your staff’s time, and is, on top of it, rude. He is rude to you and, even worse, rude to your support staff. He also happens to believe he knows more about the law and the legal process than you do.

We have all had our share of Rotten Ralphs.

Rotten Ralph is DIFFICULT to love.

In my practice, one particular Rotten Ralph...

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Gazing Into the Crystal Ball That is Your Future | Season 2 Ep 6

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2021

Gazing Into the Crystal Ball That is Your Future


The fact that you are reading means that you probably want to have more for your life than you do right now.

Maybe you are just like me, a hopelessly driven person who has had some hard-ass bumps in the road, so to speak.

Because you, like me, are a divorce lawyer, you are probably used to at least some success. You got into law school, you got your law degree, and you passed your bar.

And maybe as you are reading this, you, like me, also want to enjoy more success than you already have.

I know that my life started kinda going off the rails as soon as I got called to the bar. I had “arrived” after all . . . so all the discipline, great habits I developed, started to falter. Because I had “arrived,” I started to take it easy . . . this meant that I drank every night. I stopped looking after my physical body. I ate out at restaurants every day. I overspent using consumer credit. I worked during the day and...

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Do Your Clients Own Your Brain and Suck Your Blood? | Season 2 Ep 5

Uncategorized May 31, 2021

Do Your Clients Own Your Brain and Suck Your Blood?

Has this ever happened or has been happening to you:

Do your clients own your brain and even worse, do they suck the blood out of you?

I think about this trial I've had recently. When I got a message from the trial scheduler saying that my matter will not be proceeding as scheduled, I felt a wave of relief wash over me.

The entire lens of my day changed for the better!

It made me realize, while I was already past the moments of dreading my trials… This particular case really hurt the vibrancy, the lifeblood, the force of me, of my team of my firm, and has also actually owned our thoughts.

Listen to the entire episode to find out how this happened, where I went wrong and what I’d do differently to actually be able to be strategic about moving forward and having time to put a case together properly.

In This Episode:

  • Going back to when I was a server [00:00:44]
  • Blood sucking -- No juice [00:01:46]
  • I felt a wave of relief...
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Your Great Work Is Not Only Killing Your Future, It Is Making You Broke | Season 2 Ep 4

Uncategorized May 24, 2021


Your Great Work Is Not Only Killing Your Future, It Is Making You Broke


Will you allow working evenings and weekends, compromising your health and family relationships to be the cost of your great work?

In this episode, I’d like to share with you how the blood, sweat, and tears you shed to do great work can actually kill your future and make you broke… and what you can do to avoid this.

Listen to the entire episode to learn how you can make changes to your life and law practice for the better and continue to build the foundation of your career with a transformational step.

In This Episode:

  • Are You Benefitting From Your Blood, Sweat, Weekend Work And Tears? [00:01:12]
  • A Person Could Spend The Rest Of Their Lives Working Will Miss Out A Whole Lot Of Health, Family, Connection and Happiness [00:02:05]
  • Your Law Employer Does Not Care About You [00:03:45]
  • Is It The Jerk Partner Or Owner In Your Law Firm Or You? [00:05:57]
  • Getting Great Reviews But Only To...
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