Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Academy

Being a divorce lawyer doesn't have to suck.


Imagine life with ...

Soaring Profits

Happy Clients

Having a Life

Being a Divorce Lawyer Can Totally Suck!

But what if it didn't?

Maybe you are like me.

Your family law practice has been way more stressful, way more overwhelming, way less fun, and waaaaaay less financially rewarding than you would have imagined possible.

Contrary to popular belief mostly:

  • Divorce lawyers are struggling financially
  • Divorce lawyers have no time for themselves
  • Divorce lawyers Drop the ball all over the place in their law practices
  • Divorce lawyers often suffer from extreme stress and depression
  • Divorce lawyers have high divorce rates


The thing is that law school taught us NOTHING about:

  • How to run a successful law practice
  • About how to have happy clients
  • About how to manage all of our responsibilities without losing our minds
  • And how to prioritize happiness in ourselves


The thing is, we got to where we are and succeeded in law school and became lawyers because we were smart and hardworking.

But being smart and hardworking is not enough.

We need to be taught how to strategically run our law firms;

We need to learn how to create important time for ourselves;

We need to see a reason for all of it;

And we need to not have to be tied to our desk the whole time.


Introducing the Be the Best Lawyer Academy

You will transform your law practice to soaring profits with a host of happy clients, while still having a life.

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"Within three weeks of working with Val, my income doubled. I did this by working way less than I used to. I have learned this all the while having very happy clients"


"I had struggled financially for about seven years, getting nowhere. Within a few months of working with Val, I released my old files that were stressing me out and paying me poorly. My whole life has transformed, and my income has almost quadrupled"


Be the Best Divorce Lawyer

Transform your law practice to soaring profits while still having a life.


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