Your Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Method Private VIP Client (10 Calls)


Are you tired and overwhelmed with no bandwidth left?


When you take out time for yourself or your family, do you feel guilty about neglecting your law practice?

When you work on your practice, you feel guilty for not being with your family?

Work with me one on one and receive the personalized Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Method

Learn how to: 

  • To create your own best life design, where you have not only a thriving law practice, but your best personal life based upon your goals, desires, and dreams; 
  • To create your best you: you will learn the step by step tools and strategies to ensure you are happy and joyful throughout all areas of your life; 
  • To create your best law practice where you will have soaring profits with a host of happy clients every single time you act for someone: you will learn the very checklists, precedents procedures Val has developed in almost 25 years of being a divorce lawyer, along with the high level coaching, strategies and research; 
  • To create the Best client attraction formula, so you have high qualified client leads without having to spend all your time chasing new business

2 Payment Options:

Private Coaching VIP Client (10 Calls)

1 Payment of $5,000.00 USD
Private VIP Client Coaching (10 Calls)

10 Monthly Payments of $600.00 USD