Academy Membership Application Call

20 minutes 

Joining the Be the Best Divorce Lawyer Academy is by Application ONLY. 
This divorce lawyer-only membership is perfect for those divorce lawyers who want to: Increase quality clients to their law practices Keep those clients happy while doing so ethically without gouging them for fees Who wish to run a multiple six-figure practice without working evenings and weekends And who want to create a life worth living!
The scheduling link will ask you a few short qualifying questions - that way I will know how to best assist you. 
Also, please bring your questions (I very much welcome this and encourage it!)
I deeply believe in resonance.So... during this call, rest assured there will be no hard selling. 
Now with that out of the way...  Go ahead and book your call. 
I am so looking forward to our chat 
PLEASE NOTE:  this is a Zoom call.

One-time call booking. 
24-Hour cancellation required.